Jobsite Staffing


We specialize in just 3 positions. That’s it!

1. Site Safety & Health Officers (SSHO’s)
2. Quality Control Managers
3. Jobsite Superintendents

It pays to use professionals with experience in the safety and construction industries to help with your health and safety staffing needs, instead of hiring a generalist staffing agency.

We offer daily, monthly and permanent staffing solutions with unparalleled staffing support. We have a full-time staff ― an experienced Recruiter, Safety Director and Safety Superintendent.

We provide an intense screening process for all candidates on the front-end. Once a candidate starts a job, our Safety Superintendent provides tools and guidance, when needed. We also oversee their record-keeping to ensure it is up-to-date and in compliance with our requirements.

We work with our clients to make certain that we offer the right fit for their job, both culturally and with their skill set. If an issue arises with a candidate, we establish continuity by filling the position with one of our staff until a suitable replacement is selected. Likewise, we are able to provide back- up for any unforeseen absences.

We take care of each candidate’s compensation, housing, benefits and taxes, without you having to worry about:

  • Additional overhead
  • New hire orientation training
  • Sick time or vacation (100% uptime guaranteed)
  • Construction experience
  • Implementing a safety system
  • Knowledge of State & Federal OSHA regulations
  • Knowledge of EM 385-1-1 Army Corp Safety Regulations